Your Remap Potential

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Hybrid Turbo's 4wd Rolling Road Dyno DPF Removal EGR Delete

If you are in any way unsatisfied with our work, we will return your car to standard within this trial period - and refund you fully!

Airbag Module Resetting - 2WD/4WD Rolling Road - Speed Limiter Removal & Activation - Dealer Level Diagnostics
Sachs Performance Clutches Milltek Exhausts Forge Intercoolers Wavetrac Differentials
Available throughout the UK and Ireland

Remapping/ chip tuning available for nearly all makes and models of cars, vans, motorhomes, trucks and tractors. Petrol and diesel. Vehicles can be remapped for Power or economy

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    Better Fuel Economy

    We have developed a way to adjust the engine management system to use less fuel.

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    Better Torque

    Your engine has no way of knowing when you are towing, with our help,your engine will perform better at low speed.

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    Better Acceleration

    With improved power at lower engine speeds you can use the higher gears and accelerate smoothly .

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    Better Drive

    This all adds up to improved driveability, smoother acceleration, less gear changes, less driver input and less fuel used.

Whats my performance increase?

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