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The program that holds your cars Engine mapping is contained in an EPROM (Chip).

When you "Chip" a car you have to open the cars ECU, unplug or de-solder the EPROM. Then, read the program, modify it, program a new chip with this data then either place it in its socket, or solder it back onto the circuit board.

When you Re-map an ECU, you Read the data from the EPROM (chip) by either connecting through the cars diagnostic socket, or removing the ECU to be done remotely on the bench. Once it has been Read you can modify the file then overwrite the EPROM with the modified file. This then allows you to apply different maps where applicable and also restore the original data should you require it. The benefit obviously of this is that it means you have not changed any standard part of the car and therefore warranty is unaffected etc and insurance company’s cant see that the ECU has been physically altered.

Most cars take about 1-2 hrs max, However, some can take up to 4 hours.
We will re-load your cars original file for free within 30 days of it being modified, after this there will be a £25 fee.
We can re-map most cars from about 1999 (however, if we can’t re-map it, it may still be possible to chip it. Check out our "Car List" feature, or get in touch to see what we can do for your car.
This is where we cannot tell you what to do. However, to answer subsequent questions on this top - the change in the engine map is extremely hard to diagnose. To say something has been modified you have to compare it to the original - and with only one map on the car, there isn't anything to compare it against to prove it has been modified.

Since we are not changing any hardware on your car, we have nothing to give a warranty on.

It is worth bearing in mind - that an EPROM by nature cannot alter the data it contains, this can only be done on a PC. If there is a change in the car following the map, it is more than likely another cause (perhaps accelerated due to the map). That said, we will do our utmost to help anyone who has a problem, including returning the car to standard for testing etc.

You will get the chance to have a test run before you pay us. If you're not happy we can change the characteristics of the mapping to suit your individual needs. If you're still not happy we will return your car to its original state without charge, up to 30 days. Following this it will incur a fee of £25.
Ultimately - depends on how you Drive. The power reserves of the engine are so large, that you don't have to expect more engine wear with normal driving. We optimise the settings of the engine without exceeding the limits of the reliability. If the car is driven normally there are little or no decreases of the lifetime! If the car is driven hard, at maximum throttle for prolonged periods - then expect the life of your engine life to decrease, just as it would normally.
Due to the increased torque at low rpm you are able to shift earlier. The result is that you are driving with an average lower rpm and therefore getting more mpg, but if you drive the car hard you wont get the extra power for nothing…

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