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DPF Cleaning

DPF Cleaning

 Our DPF Cleaning Procedure


  • Diagnose vehicle and make any necessary repairs to faulty dpf sensors.
  • Measure soot load in DPF by diagnostic
  • Chemically treat the DPF
  • Add chemicals to the diesel to help the vehicle perform an efficient burning of the diesel for next step
  • Perform forced regeneration of DPF
  • Measure soot load again and confirm reduction in soot load


Success with dpf cleaning depends on the vehicle condition, the mileage on the vehicle and quality of diesel.

If the vehicle has low mileage, its fuel system is healthy and you are using good qualty diesel then you

have a greater chance of long term success with cleaning.


Complete process takes about 4 hours and cost is £150+vat

(This price does not include any sensors needing replaced during diagnosis)


Please contact us for further information or to book an appointment






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