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DPF Removal

DPF Removal

At Auto-tune we offer a (Diesel Particulate Filter) DPF Removal service to solve the issues with DPF filters on modern diesel engines. We have years of experience working with all makes and models.

What is a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)?

A DPF, is simply a canister which removes soot particles from the engine exhaust gases of diesel cars.The soot is burnt out of the filter, and deposited as ash during long journeys.

Why do cars have them?

The benefit of having a DPF is that soot is captured in the canister, during low speed 'city' driving. Once the car is seen to be driving under motorway conditions diesel is injected through the exhaust to burn the soot particles and they are deposited as ash instead - this is known as 'Regeneration'.

My cars is showing DPF faults, what does this mean?

This means the car is not regerating. The soot however, will continue to build up with driving as this is a by-product of the engine exhaust. If initial faults are ignored you may notice some or all of the below symptoms:

  • The car will go into a reduced power or 'limp home' mode.
  • Engine warning lights may appear on the dashboard.
  • Smell of exhaust gases in the cabin.
  • Decrease in MPG.

It is strongly advised to fix the issue once these are noticed.


What does removing the DPF do?

Complete removal the DPF is a one time only, four step process:

  • Remove the DPF section of the exhaust from the vehicle.
  • Remove the Particulate Filter from the DPF Canister, and Re-Install as per factory Installation.
  • Remap the ECU to remove software for DPF - Monitoring System, Diesel Injection System, Regeneration Software.
  • Erase stored faults in the ECU, and reset parameters.

Once these are done, the process is complete. We view this as the only way to really ensure no more issues with the DPF. As a result you will gain more MPG, better torque and drivabilty and of course no more issues with maintenance of the DPF. What's more, for peace of mind we offer a lifetime warranty on the work we do.

Whats my performance increase?

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