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At Autotune we can remap almost all vehicles on the current market - petrol and diesel. We can tailor our ECU maps for better fuel economy, or for optimal performance. All our maps are custom to each vehicle, not 'generic' or 'flash' type maps. Needless to say, the assurance of this method may come at a cost - but you get what you pay for in terms of quality, experience and reliability.

We have an in depth knowledge of modifications to most vehicles, so we are more than capable of mapping to suit these. Why not check out some of our 'Project Cars' to see what we have set up previously?

Each car responds differently to being tuned, and +/- 10bhp is completely normal for cars with identical setups and parameters. Further variations can depend on many factors, from the health of the engine (not necessarily current health but as far back as the initial run-in period), to the quality of the fuel being used. We recommend a Dyno run for any keen perfomance enthusiasts so the results can clearly be seen.

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